Martin Euwema

Martin Euwema


    Martin C. Euwema has been professor of Organizational Psychology at the Catholic University of Leuven since 2007, where he focuses in particular on conflict management, organizational change and (international) leadership.

    Martin is coordinator of the Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology research group and also co-director of the Leuven Center for Conflict Management.  He is also a member of the presidential team of the International Association for Conflict Management. He has more than 30 years of experience as advisor, coach, and mediator. As Board Room Dynamics Expert, he guides entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families in their questions concerning personal and family matters, as well as the organisation and functioning of top teams and executives. His interest is mainly in the (inter)human side; reflection on one’s own functioning and how certain interactions can contribute to personal development and family harmony. He writes and publishes about this on a regular basis in academic journals.

    Martin obtained this Phd in 1992 at the VU Amsterdam wit the subject ‘Conflict management in organizations’.

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