Quantitative Methods for Business

In many business areas, the use of quantitative methods is helpful in making rational decisions and reaching agreements on future business strategies. The Quantitative Methods for Business course is interesting for (i) future entrepreneurs, (ii) entrepreneurs who work at small or middle-sized already established and well-functioning firms, or (iii) persons who work at small, middle-sized, or large firms.

This course provides participants with a solid background in the use of quantitative methods in business. The principal software of the course is Gretl and the statistical functions and add-ins of Excel, which we are going to use to solve business case studies, involving the use of the linear regression model, probit and logit models, multinomial logit model, Poisson model, vector autoregressive (VAR) model, and panel data models with random effects and fixed effects. We will also see case studies in which Monte Carlo simulation is used to generate future scenarios.

The focus is practical use, and the presentation of all quantitative methods is through case studies.