GESG Research

The Guatemalan Econometric Study Group (GESG) is a network of academics and practitioners dedicated to share research and ideas in the field of econometrics. It is an independent non-profit membership organization, housed at the School of Business at Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

GESG is committed to promoting and expanding research in econometrics by organizing conferences and seminars. More specifically, the GESG helps to:

  • Promote collegial interaction among econometricians in Guatemala.
  • Provide a regular forum for econometricians to present their research.
  • Motivate young scholars by providing them with an opportunity to talk about their proposed work.
  • Invite key speakers from other countries to give local researchers an opportunity to meet and interact with foreign experts in econometrics.
Research Seminars

The GESG organizes Research Seminars to which researchers are invited to submit full papers written in English.

Discussion Papers

The GESG publishes a Discussion Paper Series to which researchers are invited to submit papers.

Free Exchange of Ideas Seminars

Organized by the Faculty of Economics of Universidad Francisco Marroquin.


  • Astrid Ayala
  • Diego Aycinena
  • Szabolcs Blazsek
  • Miguel Ángel Castillo
  • Helmuth Chávez
  • Karl Heinz Chávez
  • Sergio Enríquez
  • José Fernando González
  • Rafael Lemus
  • Luis Monteros
  • Luis Orellana
  • Lucas Rentschler
  • Marco Villatoro
  • Andreas Heie
  • Vicente Mendoza
  • Héctor Hernández
  • Carlos Méndez
  • Michelle Steiger
  • Adrián Licht
  • Walter Figueroa
  • Mauricio Vargas
  • Carlos Eduardo Castillo
  • Juan Carlos Castañeda
  • Douglas Napoleón Galindo
  • Edson Roger Ortíz
  • Mariano José Gutiérrez
Interested on joining?

If you wish to become a GESG member, please, contact the Secretary. To become a member, one needs either to present a paper on a GESG Research Seminar or to be co-author of a GESG Discussion Paper. GESG membership is free of charge.

Contact GESG Research

PhD Astrid Ayala
Professor at Escuela de Negocios, Universidad Francisco Marroquín

Mailing address
Astrid Ayala, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, School of Business, Edificio de la Escuela de Negocios, 4to nivel, 6 Calle final, zona 10, 01010 Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala.

(+502) 2338-7783
(+502) 2338-7963